Naturgeleitete Psychotherapie Dipl. Psych. Peter Stapel

What does nature-guided mean?

I call the form of psychotherapy I use and propagate "nature-guided". It is oriented to the Nature of the soul, to their natural needs and their ability to heal themselves.

It took me many years to realize that most mental imbalances are based on unprocessed life events. Whether it is brooding, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety disorders, depression or other disorders, processing is always involved.

But how do mental processes work and what laws govern them? By which conditions are they promoted, by which are they hindered? What other indispensable needs does the human soul have?

Only this knowledge makes a real and profound healing possible, also and especially for the supposedly "incurable" mental disorders.

You will find the answers to these important questions in my book and my other free information offers.

From me you will learn among other things,

  • how you can work through emotional baggage,
  • what the mental disorders are by their nature and what they mean,
  • how the soul comes back into balance,
  • under which self-created conditions self-confidence grows and under which it becomes smaller
  • and why a lot of psychotherapeutic advice does more harm than good.

This information will enable you

  • to deal with light but also heavy mental stress in the right way, so that protracted disorders do not arise in the first place,
  • to perceive and understand all the many signals that the soul gives us,
  • in psychotherapy, should you be in one, to ask the right questions and to stimulate complementary, often neglected steps,
  • to go through life more freely and easily.