Can I meditate if I suffer from depression or anxiety?

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Of course, meditation is possible, moreover helpful and recommendable. The same applies to relaxation exercises of all kinds. But it depends on the objective. Many people use meditation/relaxation methods to get unpleasant feelings and thoughts under their control. This is because they are seen as pointless and their actual purpose is not recognised. In such cases, guided meditations from apps, CDs, etc. are usually used. If the person concerned practices alone without these aids, he or she will not be able to deal with the highly pressing issues of the past, present or future. Guided meditations may nevertheless be helpful at the beginning of the practice path, comparable to training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle. However, one should not get stuck on them, but soon make oneself independent of them.

So: When meditating, don't try to switch off your head with all kinds of tricks (counting your breath, mantras, visualisation, etc.), but instead allow everything that comes up. Again, don't try to accept it willingly, because acceptance is not subject to the will (just as we don't succeed in trying to love something or forgive someone). Just let it come up, even if it shakes us up. For this is a process of purification and order. The longed-for peace comes by itself once there is a minimum of inner order. Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, etc. will also happen of their own accord. A side note: Acceptance is often confused with resignation.

If one allows these processes to take place, then a real healing happens and, in the further course of practice, also a spriritual development. At this stage, mantras, observation of the breath, concentration on the third eye etc. can make sense. can make sense. Everyone has to find this out for themselves. Before the attainment of an inner order, all kinds of attention distraction only serve to distract.
If one uses meditation for the purpose of distracting and controlling the inner dynamics, one remains seated on the disorder and no development takes place. There is no way around nature's need for inner order.