Why is schizophrenia so difficult to treat? Part 2

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Continuation of Part 1: "Why is schizophrenia so difficult to treat?"

Conventional / industrial agriculture largely disregards the needs of nature and the deeper laws of nature. It relentlessly pursues its own goals (usually profit maximisation). If nature becomes unbalanced and ill (through parasites, pathogens, agricultural pests, etc.), the chemical cudgel is always used. It is more accurate to say that nature managed in this way is always, i.e. chronically, sick, because it is in a permanent imbalance. Hence the necessary continuous use of chemical treatments.

Organic farming, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach. It pays attention to the laws of nature and to the needs of nature. Efforts are made to achieve an even deeper understanding of natural interrelationships. When in doubt, one's own needs are put aside in favour of the needs of nature. Chemicals are used only rarely, if at all, and sparingly. I won't go into this further now, because everyone knows this and this is just a comparison.

What does this have to do with psychiatry and psychotherapy?

All of us, those affected and even more so those treating them, should slowly realise that the prevailing view in psychiatry and psychotherapy is a "conventional" one - with all the obvious disadvantages. Only the symptoms are treated instead of getting to the bottom of the real causes of a mental disorder.
And why is it done this way and not differently? My observation: due to lack of awareness and ignorance. Perhaps it is also disinterest or ignorance. Why do people persist so stubbornly on this path instead of making a course correction? There are certainly many reasons for this, which I cannot go into here for lack of space. One of the reasons may be that the path taken is already deeply trodden. It is comfortable and easy to walk it. And it is precisely on this path that rich profits can be made.


I think a rethink in the direction of "organic" is also urgently needed within psychotherapy! As soon as this would be done, many mental disorders would, to the surprise of many people, turn out to be very well and very quickly curable.

More on the topic

For those who want to delve a little deeper into this topic, the following books are recommended:
Weinmann, Stefan: „Die Vermessung der Psychiatrie: Täuschung und Selbsttäuschung eines Fachgebiets“. Cologne: Psychiatrie-Verlag 2019. This book is more for people in the field. The author is a psychiatrist.
Gøtzsche, Peter C.: „Tödliche Psychopharmaka und organisiertes Leugnen. Wie Ärzte und Pharmaindustrie die Gesundheit der Patienten vorsätzlich aufs Spiel setzen“. The book is written in a generally understandable way. The author is a medical doctor and Prof. of Research Design and Analysis / University of Copenhagen.