Why is schizophrenia so difficult to treat? Part 1

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What the real problem is

If one as a practitioner has not understood a mental disorder, then this disorder is of course "difficult" to treat from the point of view of this practitioner. But this is not because of the disorder, it is because of the practitioner.
This is not only true for schizophrenia, but also for depression, for example (70% relapse rate and permanent medication. At least that's what it said on the website of the Deutsche Depressionshilfe in April 2022). Other mental disorders are also wrongly considered difficult to treat, such as PTSD.

The documentary by Daniel Mackler shows that schizophrenia can even be cured with other treatment approaches and without (!) medication. The documentary is called "Take These Broken Wings". You can find the documentary on YouTube. Please enter "schizophrenia" and "German subtitles" in your search. Otherwise you might only find the song of the same name by Mr. Mister.
The subject of the documentary is Finnish treatment methods for schizophrenia, which have a cure rate close to 80 percent. Long-term studies have shown that schizophrenia sufferers were generally healthier and retired later after being cured than the normal population average. This is not surprising to me, since everyone emerges stronger from a crisis if the crisis has been allowed to take its natural and thus healing course. The documentary is well worth watching and encourages reflection and rethinking.

A look beyond the horizon

The big problem, not only in the treatment of schizophrenia, is the use of chemistry, so often promoted as having no alternative. To make clear the great and tragic misunderstanding within psychiatry, let us take a comparative look at agriculture. There are many parallels to the situation within psychiatry and psychotherapy.
Within agriculture, whether it is arable farming or animal husbandry, there is on the one hand the conventional or industrial way of production, and on the other hand there is the biological or ecological way of production. As we all know, there is a big and far-reaching difference between the two types of food production. This can be briefly outlined as follows:

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